BMEP586040 Schneider Electric Processor module

BMEP586040 standalone processor, Modicon M580, 64MB,

61 Ethernet devices, 31 remote IO racks of X80 and Quantum

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    5.3 kg

Schneider Electric
PN No. BMEP586040
Modicon M580
Processor module
Origin France
HS CODE 85389091
Dimension 40*30*30 (CM)
Weight 5.3 kg


This BMEP586040 product is part of the Modicon M580 range, an offer of Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) and safety Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with built-in Ethernet. This processor module offers a maximum of 8 rack configuration and 216 application specific channels. It is a processor module with a current consumption of 295mA at 24V DC. It supports 6144 discrete, 1536 analogue local I/O channels and 64 distributed equipment. It is integrated with Ethernet TCP/IP for service port, 2 Ethernet TCP/IP for device network, Ethernet for HSBY port and USB type mini B for connections. It offers 600000 hours of MTBF. It has 31 - 2 racks per remote drop for I/O station. It has an integrated RAM of 64MB for program, 10kb for system memory and data and expandable flash of 4GB for data storage. It is an IP20 rated product. It weighs 0.849kg. It is suitable for medium to large process applications. This product is certified by CE, Merchant Navy, UL, RCM, CSA, EAC. It meets EN 61131-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61010-2-201 standards. The benefits of Modicon M580 are reduce time to market, improve reliability and sustainability, improve productivity with high performance and increase operating profitability due to improved access to data.

Number of racks 8
Local I/O processor capacity (discrete) 6144 I/O
Local I/O processor capacity (analog) 1536 I/O
Number of application specific channel (local rack) 216
application specific I/O Accurate time stamping
Motion control
SSI encoder
Serial link
Checks Process control
Control channels Programmable loops
Integrated connection type 1 Ethernet TCP/IP for service port
2 Ethernet TCP/IP for device network
USB type mini B
Number of remote I/O station 31 - 2 rack(s) per remote drop
Number of distributed equipment 64
Communication module processor capacity 6 Ethernet communication module
24 AS-Interface module
Communication service RIO scanner
DIO scanner
Memory description Expandable flash, 4 GB for data storage
Integrated RAM, 10 kB for system memory
Integrated RAM, 64 MB for program and data
Application structure 1 cyclic/periodic master task
128 event tasks
1 periodic fast task
2 auxiliary tasks
Cybersecurity Achilles certified
DoS prevention
SNMP logging
Syslog protocol support
Transport layer security
Audit trail
Embedded firewall
Firmware signature
Password protection
Port hardening
Secure communiction (HTTPS)
Security log
Number of instructions per ms 40 Kinst/ms 100 % Boolean
60 Kinst/ms 65 % Boolean + 35 % fixed arithmetic
Current consumption 300 mA at 24 V DC
MTBF reliability 775000 H
Marking CE


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