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EPRO PR6423/002-030

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Description of EPRO PR6423/002-030:

EMERSON EPRO PR6423/002-030 PROBE BRAND NEW PR6423-002-030

The inputs of MMS 3000 transmitters may be used for connecting all epro standard - eddy current sensors PR 6422/.., PR 6423/.., PR 6424/.. and PR 6425/.. The transmitter is not designed for applications in hazardous areas.


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Lead time: 2-3 days

Delivery time:5-7days

Warranty: 12 months


Express wavs: DHL/TNT/UPS/EMS/Fedex

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:original packing factory sealed

Delivery Detail:Shipped in 3-5 days after payment

Shipping Detail

1) For the in stock items, we will send the order out within 3 days after receive the payment.

2) We can shipping all over the world via DHL,UPS,Fedex and EMS. The packaging is very strong. If you have any special needs, please notify me.

3) You are expected to receive the item about 7 days after we send out.

The advantage brands we have the following:

Foxboro, Bently, Westinghouse, ABB, Allen-Bradley, GE, Honeywell, Emerson, Siemens,Schneider, Woodward,Yokogawa, and so on.

Recommended products

Recommended products:

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PR6423/002-000 PR9350/02 MMS3120/022-100 PR6423/003-030-CN+CON021
PR6423/10R-010 PR9268/301-000 MMS6220 PR6426/010-100+CON021
PR6423/000-031 PR9268/201-000 MMS6410 PR6424/010-040+CON 011
PR6423/10R-111 PR9268/017-100 MMS6822 PR6423/011-131+CON031
PR6423/000-131 PR9268/200-000 CON 041 PR6424/002-131+CON031
PR6423/10R-030 PR9268/206-100 CON 021/916-240 PR6424/010-131+CON031
PR6423/000-030 PR9376/010-011 CON 021 PR6424/012-010+CON011
PR6424/006-030 PR9376/010-011 CON031 PR6423/000-030+CON021
PR6424/000-000 PR9376/20 CON011 etc...

FBM201 FBM205 P0916FH CM400YH FBM7
FBM207C FBM202 P0916NG CM400YN FBM12
FBM217 FBM206 P0916PW CP30 P0960AW
FBM242 FCP280 P0926GJ CP60 P0961FR
FCM10EF FCM100ET P0400YD ASSY-0301059
FCM2F2 P0400DA FBM1 P0922YU SY-0303372RA
FBM203 P0400YD FBM3 P0903CW K0173WT CD
FCM10E P0400YE FBM4 P0972PP 0301068B SF09050057
FBM224 P0400YG FBM6 P0916BX 0303363D  SF0619A997
FBM204 P0914XB0C AD202HJ 0303419B  SF0619F427
FBM219 P0170PD AD908AE 0303472-  SF0620A412
FBM207B P0916AA AD202MU 0303475-  SF0622A211
FBM241 P0916CA RTU50 0702075B  SF0621C313
FBM231 P0916CC RH924YL 1040028A  SF0620D775
FBM241C P0916DB etc...

ICS Triplex
T8480 T8850 T8292 T9451
T8310 T8151B T8293 T8110B
T8403 T8431C T8300 T8461
T8311 T8442C T8312 T8830
T8431 T8480C T8846 T8193
T8110B T8100 T8891 T8850
T8461 T8123 T8800 TC-201-02-4M5
T8442 T8153 T8830 TRUSTED T8231
T8800 T8191 T8846 etc...

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